Sarah Bunney

Assistant Director

At Joya since 2022


Sarah Bunney is the Assistant Director at Joya Child & Family Development. Spokane is her home, and she is a graduate of Eastern Washington University. Sarah is thrilled to be a part of the Joya team and passionate about Early Intervention because it gives children and families the tools and support, they need to navigate challenging times in their lives and experience success, and Joya does a great job at that! 

Sarah’s experience includes work with Head Start/Early Head Start and other early learning programs, adoption work (which is another of her passions) through both private and non-profit agencies, work as a social worker within a patient-centered medical home setting, and work with a variety of social service grants that promoted the empowerment of people in the Spokane community. Social work is at the core of Sarah’s value system and has driven her career choices, ultimately leading her to a great match in Joya! 

Sarah is passionate about building relationships and giving back to her community in her professional and personal life. She works as a dedicated coach for her alma mater high school during her evenings and weekends. She enjoys any time she gets with her ‘almost grown’ kiddos. She is a social butterfly who values family, friends, and all the meaningful connections in her life. 


  • Bachelor of Arts, Social Work, Eastern Washington University

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