Volunteer at Joya

Just as Joya relies on the generosity of our donors to help fund our life-changing program for those who can’t afford it, we look for the donation of time as well to keep our events running smoothly. Volunteers can help in a variety of ways at Joya and have an incredible impact on the kiddos and families we serve.

Job shadow and internships


Joya is proud to help train and shape the early intervention specialists of tomorrow in our team-based approach.

For students who are starting in a professional program, we work with individual universities to provide some lab experience as well as full time internships.  Please work with your university clinical coordinator to contact us if you are interested in completing some professional education at Joya.

Job shadow opportunities are available but limited depending on the discipline that you are looking to observe and required hours to fulfill.  Job shadow opportunities may involve observing in a group setting, helping with the group (handwashing, sitting with children at snack time, and helping set up the classroom activities). As available, you may have the opportunity to observe some individual education or therapy sessions.  To help us place you appropriately, please fill out this form.

General Volunteer Opportunities

Only our professional therapists and staff are able to work directly with kids.  However, we appreciate your help in other ways. If you are interested in volunteering fill out this form.

Ways to volunteer

Event support

Joya holds several events each year to raise awareness and financial support for our program. From setting up for the spring auction, to labeling containers for our annual penny drive, there are a number of opportunities to pitch in.

Facility support

Joya runs a lean operation when it comes to administrative staff. That’s why we always appreciate helping hands in the office. From folding newsletters to inputting information, jobs big and small can make a huge difference.

High school advisory board

Our High School Advisory Board has teams of representatives from a dozen local high schools. Students get to know Joya children and families, as well as community leaders, our pediatric specialists and the Foundation trustees. Representatives plan presentations during school assemblies and events and organize fundraisers to support this great cause. Board members also help with special events and recruit students to volunteer at various sites for the  Community Day Penny Drive.

Download an application to join the High School Advisory Board.