This is our moment.

At Joya, we know we can change entire lives with the impact we can make in the first three years. Now, we’re ready to seize another life-changing opportunity. With a brand-new home designed to double our capacity and unleash the full potential of our mission, we will transform what is possible for children and families in Spokane County for years to come.

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We know more families need us in their corner. Since 2014, the number of children in Spokane County who qualify for our services has increased by 73%.

Joya’s Capital Campaign

Joya purchased property in Spokane’s vibrant University District in 2017 and began the process of creating a new, permanent home, built just for us. For the past 60 years, through the ingenuity, passion and commitment of our staff and leadership, we have delivered the highest quality care everywhere from a church basement to our current facility – originally designed as an elementary school. But each of these spaces has come with its own set of limitations and none have been designed with our important work in mind. See how that’s about to change.

Campaign Overview

This $18.5 million campaign will help Joya to:

Serve double the number of children and their families.

Increase the quality of our care by upgrading and expanding outdated facilities and equipment, supporting new treatment methods and technologies, and increasing our ability to support parents and caregivers inside and outside of the home.

Expand professional education with specialized training for doctors, social workers, therapists, teachers and others integral to our work.

Become a national leader in the field of early intervention by implementing a cutting-edge research and evaluation program in collaboration with local universities.

Event sponsorship

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There are many ways you can make a meaningful gift to Joya. Our donors, both large and small, help support the increasing number of families and children who need access to our life-changing program.



From staffing our annual Penny Drive to assisting with yard work on our campus, there are many ways you can help Joya fulfill its mission. Please call or email for more information on specific volunteer opportunities throughout the year.

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