Maria Snider

Occupational Therapist

At Joya since 2019

Practicing Occupational Therapist since 2019


Maria grew up in Mexico and moved to the United States when she was a teenager. She discovered occupational therapy when she was caring for a pediatric client as a home care aide.  One day Maria was helping the client with a simple threading activity with a shoelace and a bear shaped card. She noticed how challenging the task was for her patient, as her hands and fingers were not doing what she wanted them to do. After multiple trials and small changes facilitated by Maria, the task ended with a celebration of smiles and laughter. The parent of the child witnessed Maria’s work and strongly encouraged her to pursue occupational therapy as a profession. Six years later, Maria obtained her master’s in occupational therapy degree. Her love for the pediatric population solidified after her fieldwork rotation at Joya. It was then that she knew where and how she wanted to use her life experiences in combination with the skills she had learned in OT school to enhance the lives of others.

Maria loves helping children reach maximum independence in their daily life. Her favorite part about working with families is helping them find their own confidence to support their child’s development. In an effort to provide the best care for children and their families, Maria is currently working on obtaining a sensory integration certification, and an infant mental health endorsement.


  • Master of Science, Occupational Therapy, Eastern Washington University

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