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Aquatic therapy is an excellent supplement to your child’s  land based therapy routine.  At Joya we are blessed by the generous support from the local YMCA to provide aquatic therapy services to children enrolled in physical or occupational therapy services. Children work one on one with a physical or occupational therapist to address muscle strength & tone, range of motion, balance, coordination, and sensory processing while working towards fun and functional goals. The support and pressure of the water offer additional help or resistance to movement depending on your child’s needs. It is a highly motivating environment and therapists promote water safety and introduce children to an activity that promotes life-long participation.

How to Enroll In This Service

STANDARD  DISCLAIMER for ALL ENTRIES – Every child is assessed and screened for eligibility of services and needs…etc.

INSTRUCTION FROM JOYA – CUSTOM TO THE SERVICE BEING HIGHLIGHTED – If you’re interested in incorporating Aquatic Therapy into your child’s….the number to call. PHONE number (509) XXX-XXXX.